EnrollWise™ named top 2024 Enrollment & Admissions Solution by Edtech Digest.


Customized Profiles

Customizable profile generation allows you to collect the data you need to process applications from the start. You control the questions families are asked in order to generate their child’s profile ensuring they receive correct eligibility and priority throughout the application process.

Intuitive Application

A family-friendly application experience means you receive more complete, accurate, and on-time applications. Our simple, streamlined approach coaches families along the way, making sure they never feel lost, frustrated, or confused about the next steps.


We know the importance of having live, up-to-date admissions information. We also understand that managing offer responses at each school is time-consuming. That’s why when a family gets an offer in EnrollWise, they are able to instantly see their offer and respond with the click of a button.

Core Features

In-App Messaging

EnrollWise messaging allows your team to directly communicate with families, assign specific cases to a staff member, and mark them as resolved. You’re also able to communicate with administrators and leave internal notes for your team. 


EnrollWise delivers a seamless experience for families, schools, and administrators. Families can browse waitlists, see the waitlists’ size based on their personal priority order, and join new waitlists.

Just like with initial offers, families can see and respond to waitlist offers through their profile. Staff members manage waitlists by monitoring real-time lists of applicants and seat availability.


EnrollWise allows families to upload the documents necessary to verify their eligibility or complete their registration. Application receipts and offer letters are generated automatically, all in the family’s preferred language!

“This is a great site that works exactly the way it’s supposed to. I have two kids in NYC schools, I’m getting ready to submit my youngest’s Pre-K application right now, and the process is just a breeze- so much easier than you would expect.”

J.Andrews, NYC Parent

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