EnrollWise™ named top 2024 Enrollment & Admissions Solution by Edtech Digest.


Your eligibility rules and priorities, powered by our technology.

We understand that no two districts are alike. That’s why we designed our matching system for flexibility. Our rules engine uses your eligibility rules, priorities, and logic to order applicant lists for the lottery.

Realize Goals

Whether you want to access data projections, applicant lists, acceptance and declination rates, or track your equity goals our data visualizations will guide the way.

Data visualizations bring real-time student data to life for schools and administrators. Seat Management tools allow you to collaborate with schools to allocate and fill seats – making sure your classrooms are meeting your goals.

Unlimited Lottery Rounds

Multiple lottery rounds give you the ability to place students as often as needed, with the click of a button.

Want to test it out before finalizing a match iteration? No problem. EnrollWise allows you to run simulations to test your rules and equity outcomes before finalizing your lottery.

Core Features

Matching Algorithm

EnrollWise features the ability to utilize a variety of matching algorithms including the Gale Shapley Deferred Acceptance algorithm with options for student-optimal or school-optimal formats. Our implementation of the Gale Shapley algorithm for New York City has been independently verified by the very professors at MIT that published papers about its implementation for school choice.


EnrollWise has been engineered so that you own your data outright and have full access to the underlying data around the clock. EnrollWise can also be synced with existing data systems including your Student Information System.


EnrollWise ensures you have the information you need at your fingertips. Administrators can generate reports with ease to monitor applications, underlying data, eligibility, match results, and more. Reports are customizable based on your individual needs.

“Receiving offers was simple and easy- I had all of the information I needed to make a decision about which offer to accept for my child.”

Real User, 2022

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