Equitable Admissions and Enrollment Platform for 3K-12 Public School Districts

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Our Features

Parent, School, and Admin portals work together to simplify complex workflows, eligibility crieteria, and lotteries into one seamless experience.


Customizable Application Form

Tailor your application to ask the questions you need, to get the data to assign priorities and run your lottery.


Easily manage complex waitlists with multiple rounds and student priority groupings.

In-App Messaging

Communicate directly with families and school administrators.

Matching Algorithm

Customize our flexible rules engine in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for your lottery matching process.

Multiple Lottery Rounds

Ability to run multiple lottery iterations: per grade, per school or program, per application type- and then finalize your match results, all in a single click.


Robust reporting engine allows you to customize specific reports, viewable in a dashboard for administrators.

Map Based School Finder

Our interactive map orients parents from their child's residential address to eligible school programs.

Document Management

Upload, Review, and Request documents from families and school administrators in one, consolidated system.

Three Systems in One

Our system provides a Parent Portal, School Portal, and Admin Portal - three powerful systems working together to make complex workflows simple and streamlined.
admin portal

Admin Portal

Manage Student Eligibility and Priority, Applications, Lotteries and Waitlists all in one place
admin portal

School Portal

Where School Administrators can rank students and provide results data from testing, assessments, and auditions as needed
admin portal

Parent Portal

The front door for families, where Guardians can easily search and apply for schools based on their child’s individual eligibility and prioirities
Why We're Different
A perfect fit for 3K-12 public school systems who require flexibility with their eligibility, priorities, and matching rules.
Leading Competitor
Designed expressly for 3K-12 public school systems with complex lotteries and waitlists.
Leading Competitor
Entirely flexible, highly customizable rules engine for your unique eligibility and student priorities.
Leading Competitor
School portal for gathering seamless student data directly from school users.
Leading Competitor
Customizable workflow solutions for intake, review, documentation requests, communication, and placement.
Leading Competitor
Offered in any language translations are provided for, including bespoke interface layouts for right-to-left languages.
Leading Competitor
*English + Spanish

Trusted by Real People

Currently powering online enrollment and admissions for 1.1 million students in the NYC Public School System.
With the new MySchools Portal (which is excellent by the way) families can get as much information online as they can get at a table..."
NYC Parent
I've found the online portal and prompts very straightforward and easy to use"
NYC Parent
For what it's worth, I have been using this system for several years and I really like the new interface. Nice Job!"
NYC School Administrator
Just signed my daughter up for Gifted and Talented testing and the process was completely painless. I finished and had no further questions, no worries that I had pressed a wrong button somewhere, and no doubts."
NYC Parent
Other Solutions
Other Solutions
While EnrollWise was designed with public school districts in mind, the platform is a tool to manage application intake, data collection, complex workflows, and placements. As a result, our platform has worked as a solution in the following industries:
  • Healthcare
  • Government Housing
  • Higher Education

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